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Jack & Jill Competition

J&J competition is a chance to show your skill and you are randomly paired for each round.

It is a great way for dancers to meet new people, improve their skills, and compete for prizes!!!

Amsterdam Sensual Dance Fest Jack & Jill Competition

How to register

  1. Purchase our Amsterdam Sensual Dance Fest Full Pass here
  2. Registration via Google Form here
  3. Buy the J&J ticket online here
  4. On the day, collect your number at the reception

Note: Tickets without registration will not be valid.


  1. Have an Amsterdam Sensual Dance Fest Full Pass
  2. Buy a Jack & Jill Pass online
  3. Registration end on Saturday, July 20th at 10:59 AM
  4. Teachers, instructors, semi-teachers are not allowed to participate
  5. Check-in at the reception desk prior to the competition
  6. Wear your assigned competition number throughout the competition
  7. Be ready to compete 15 minutes before the start time
  8. Choose to participate as either a Leader or a Follower
  9. Sign a waiver and familiarize themselves with the competition rules and regulations
  10. Be respectful of other dancers and attendees
  11. Respect the judges and their decisions
  12. Compete fairly and ethically
  13. Be a positive role model for the dance community
  14. Have fun!